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My name is Ty Evind. I am a certified hypnotherapist and writer with training in QHHT hypnosis, personality shaping, and goal oriented focus. I also have a background in storytelling and narration for both children and adults. I have been helping people achieve their desires and overcome challenges for the better part of 7 years. I am dedicated to providing the patient and persistent attention necessary to help you realize what you strive for.

My journey into hypnosis started when I was first hypnotized. After experiencing unbelievable results in myself, I recognized the power of hypnosis to change lives. After using hypnosis to transform inwardly I began to apply these tools to help others. Since then I have hypnotized thousands of people.

My speaking career began with storytelling for children. This synchronistically lined up with my interest in hypnosis, leading to the voice you may already be familiar with. I have found the belief in the story to be a crucial element. Every hypnotic session is a story that requires me to engage with the narrative as deeply as you do.

My approach is to focus on your unique situation. In doing so we develop solutions that speak to you and your deeper consciousness in ways that you easily respond to. I take the time to get to know you and ask the questions necessary to creatively craft your script.


I understand that the ability to transform your beliefs is your birthright, and you are encouraged throughout the process to use this innate skill to change yourself

If you have already listened to my recorded sessions, you are probably as inspired by the magic of hypnosis as I am. And because you already sense the power of hypnosis, I invite you to creatively transform yourself from within. Contact below to begin your journey.



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