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Hypnosis for North Node in Leo.
From Astrology for the Soul.

This hypnosis for Leo sign north node people is based mostly on the approach offered in the Jan Spiller Astrology for the Soul book. The purpose of this hypnosis for astrological traits is to help you move into Leo north node.

Another term for Leo north node is Rahu in Leo, so this hypnosis for Leo traits is also a guided meditation for Rahu in Leo. The Vedic interpretation of Rahu is different than western, but this hypnosis for Rahu in Leo has suggestions included so that your unconscious will focus on all POSITIVE suggestions within which will help you to SAFELY integrate these affirmations Rahu in Leo.

I highly recommend Astrology for the Soul to help you move into your Leo north node -


Some people are able to Go In Deeper quickly and easily and Integrate these hypnosis for Leo sign people suggestions on the first LISTEN. And for guaranteed positive results I recommend you Listen to this Leo north node astrology hypnosis once a day for 30 days.

Music for this hypnosis for astrology sign Leo north node - Sirius Beat - The Cosmos

I personally have my north node in Leo with a heavy emphasis in Aquarius in the rest of my chart. I actually created this hypnosis for Leo north node for my self after reading Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller.

I hope you enjoy this Leo north node guided meditation as you move into your north node.


This is Ty Evind


Talk to you soon.

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