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Can Hypnosis Make You Attracted to Someone?

Hypnosis is often portrayed in pop culture as a way to exert mind control over others. But does real hypnosis actually allow someone to make you feel attracted to them? Or can you use it to attract someone else?

As a certified hypnotist who has explored this question in depth, I can say with confidence that the answer is.... complicated. Considering this question ultimately leads to you develop a better understanding of hypnosis as well as seduction and attraction.

Let's examine the realities behind using hypnosis for altering how someone perceives you.

Table of Contents

  • How Hypnosis Affects Your Mind

  • Can Hypnosis Increase Attraction?

  • Using Hypnosis to Ethically Attract Someone

  • Realities of Hypnosis for Building Attraction

  • Hypnosis to Overcome Blocks to Intimacy

  • When to Seek Professional Help

  • Make Informed, Ethical Decisions

  • Key Takeaways

how hypnosis affects your mind

How Hypnosis Affects Your Mind

Hypnosis is a natural state of focused relaxation and increased suggestibility. A hypnotist guides you into this state through relaxation techniques and focused concentration. This is why you'll hear us say "focus" and "relax" a lot.

In hypnosis, you remain fully in control. You cannot be forced to do anything against your will. However, you become open to new ideas and perspectives. This allows the hypnotist to positively influence thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Ideally, we will help you to become more open to ideas that you already know you want to begin to accept.

A skilled hypnotherapist can help you:

  • Override limiting beliefs

  • Form new, empowering habits

  • Reduce anxiety and phobias

  • Improve self-confidence

The hypnotic state allows you to tap into your subconscious mind and consciously shape it. The subconscious is the deeper part of your psyche that controls ingrained patterns, emotions, and instinctive behaviors.

By planting seeds in the fertile soil of your subconscious, hypnotherapy aims to help you uproot negative thought patterns and cultivate more positive responses. Continuing with further hypnosis sessions and/or regularly listening to custom hypnosis recordings is like watering and fertilizing these seeds.I've found that a lot of the time, all it takes is one session to achieve immediate effects. Supporting the work over time with regular listening will cement the suggestions and bring about lasting transformation.

Can Hypnosis Increase Attraction

Can Hypnosis Increase Attraction?

Hypnosis cannot force you to become attracted to someone you have absolutely no interest in. You remain in control of your feelings and actions.

However, hypnosis may help you:

  • Uncover and resolve emotional barriers

  • Reframe negative associations

  • Awaken more positive perspectives

  • Cultivate existing attraction

If you desire greater connection with your partner, hypnosis can be a catalyst. It provides focused concentration for visualizing a happier, more passionate relationship.

The process of hypnosis itself is also a very intimate experience. When you perform hypnosis with someone, they are opening up to you on a very deep level. This requires trust. It is not an experience that most people forget.

Positive affirmations can help you release past hurts. They allow you to approach your partner with more openness and affection.

Hypnosis may also reduce anxiety interfering with intimacy. And it can build confidence to communicate desires more clearly.

While not a magic bullet, hypnosis can enable the right mindset shift. This empowers you to actively rekindle attraction and chemistry.

Using Hypnosis to Attract Someone

Using Hypnosis to Ethically Attract Someone

What about using hypnosis to directly attract someone else? This raises ethical concerns.

Hypnosis cannot force others to develop feelings. But it may unfairly influence emotions if misused.

Before attempting to attract someone through hypnosis, honestly examine your motivations:

  • Are you respecting their autonomy?

  • Does this person actually desire greater closeness?

  • Are you willing to accept if they decline increased intimacy?

Their consent and comfort should be your priority.

Rather than manipulated attraction, ethical hypnosis can help:

  • Uncover your best qualities

  • Boost self-confidence

  • Develop rapport through body language mirroring

  • Learn to express feelings assertively and authentically

This builds the natural chemistry for increased connection.

realities of hypnosis for attraction building

Realities of Hypnosis for Building Attraction

While hypnosis has limits, it can support meaningful change given the right conditions:

You Must Have Some Openness

Hypnosis for seduction and attraction is most effective if you are open to those feelings redeveloping. Some baseline positive regard needs to exist.

Even if you once had a crush, hypnosis can help revive those dormant emotions.

But it cannot spark deep love where there is only antipathy or apathy. There needs to be some previous attraction or arousal to catalyze.

The Changes Must Align with Your Values

Any positive changes from hypnosis will align with your principles. It's like I like to say, Be a Good Person.

Don't violate your own morals or ethics. Don't violate anyone else's. This includes respecting boundaries and being honest about the fact that you are using hypnosis. The desired attraction should feel authentic to who you are.

If you had previous chemistry with this person, hypnosis can help recover those emotions. But the attraction must resonate with your core being. Using hypnosis basically amplifies what is already there waiting to grow.

Integration Takes Time and Effort

Hypnosis alone will generally not instantly transform your emotions. Lasting change requires integration.

Keep focusing on positive feelings toward your partner after the hypnosis session ends. Reinforce the intentions through affirmations.

Actively find reasons to re-appreciate them. Demonstrate increased affection. Recommit to intimacy.

With sustained effort, hypnotic suggestions can blossom into authentic emotional shifts.

In-Person Sessions and Hypnosis Recordings

For hypnosis to influence attraction, personalized sessions can be ideal. This allows tailoring to your unique situation. A live hypnotherapist can adapt techniques to your subtle responses, but a quality custom hypnosis recording can have the same effect.

The therapist's tone of voice, pacing, and language can induce a deep state for planting seeds of change. Later sessions and repeated listening will empower you to keep integrating changes over time. 

hypnosis to overcome blocks to intimacy

Hypnosis to Overcome Blocks to Intimacy

Rather than magnetically attracting someone, hypnosis may be more appropriate for identifying and resolving your own barriers:

  • Anxiety - Hypnosis can decrease performance anxiety and enjoy intimacy more mindfully.

  • Insecurity - Boost self-confidence and see yourself as a worthy, lovable partner.

  • Trauma - Heal hurt from past relationships or sexual trauma and build trust.

  • Stress - Reduce feelings of being constantly busy, distracted, or drained for your partner.

  • Communication - Improve assertiveness to express your needs and affection positively.

  • Doubt - Release suspicions, grudges, or expectations poisoning your bond. Refocus on your partnerʼs good qualities.

By clearing your own obstacles, you become more open to reconnecting. This revives attraction organically, from the inside out. Dealing with these things can also help with a lot more than just seduction and attraction. It can open you up to developing deeper connections with people in general. This tends to expand into friendships, family, and groups. This is a pattern I have witnessed many times in my years of hypnosis work.

when to seek professional help

When to Seek Professional Help

In some cases, underlying medical or psychological issues may be interfering with intimacy or affection for your partner.

If you have tried self-help without success, seeking counseling or sex therapy could identify deeper blockages.

Individual counseling can resolve past traumas or attachment issues. Couples counseling builds skills for communication and conflict resolution.

A doctor may also check for physical factors like hormone imbalances or sexual dysfunction. Medications can sometimes reduce desire.

Multifaceted treatment with therapy, medical care, and hypnotherapy can provide comprehensive support for reviving strained relationships. It can also help a lot with starting new relationships and pursuing deeper connections with others.

Make Informed, Ethical Decisions

Make Informed, Ethical Decisions

Hypnosis should always be an opt-in experience focused on your consented goals. No one should misuse hypnotic techniques to coerce unethical attraction. That's kind of like using the Dark Side of the Force. Be a Jedi instead.

But hypnosis can help you overcome inner obstacles to intimacy. It may enable reawakening positive emotions that have faded in long-term relationships.

From my experience working with people in this area over the years, avoid expecting instant magic solutions. Be ready to actively nurture change. Be easy on yourself with it. Be easy going about it. And seek wider support if needed.

With realistic expectations and informed consent, hypnosis can complement your efforts to foster greater affection with your partner and develop new relationships. The rewards make the work worthwhile. The juice is worth the squeeze.

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Key Takeaways



Hypnosis cannot force attraction

Hypnosis can help resolve emotional barriers but cannot magically create attraction where there is none

Requires consent and ethics

Any use of hypnosis for attraction must respect the other person's autonomy and obtain their consent

Needs openness and time

Hypnosis works best when there is already some positive regard to build on, and the changes are integrated over time through active effort

In-person sessions optimal

Personalized hypnosis allows for deeper techniques tailored to your unique needs and responses

Consider other help if needed

For ongoing issues with attraction or intimacy, therapy or medical help may be needed to address underlying causes

Suggested: Hypnosis Recordings

Hypnosis Recordings

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