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Meet Your Higher Self Meditation: Connect with this Guide

Have you ever felt like there is a wiser, more intuitive part of yourself that you can't quite access in your day-to-day life? Or maybe you want to get in touch with your purpose, heal from past traumas, or tap into your highest potential? Connecting to your higher self through meditation can help you do all of this and more.

Table of Contents:

In this insightful guide, we'll explain what your higher self is, the many benefits of connecting to it, and how to use meditation as a tool to access this profound part of yourself. With some practice, you can learn to receive guidance, insights and inspiration from your higher self on a regular basis.

meet your higher self meditation

What is Your Higher Self?

Your higher self is essentially your soul or true essence - the divine, wise part of you that exists beyond the ego. While your ego is focused on your individual daily concerns and survival, your higher self has a wider perspective. It's concerned with your long-term well-being, purpose and connection to all of life.

Some define the higher self as your "real self", the "best version of you" or your "highest potential". It's aligned with virtues like love, wisdom, courage, integrity, creativity and compassion. When you're able to tap into this part of yourself more, life takes on more meaning.

The higher self isn't separate from you - it's providing you intuitive guidance all the time through feelings of inspiration, unease, excitement and more. The problem is that in our busy modern lives, most of us aren't taking the time to listen to these messages from within. That's where meditation comes in.

Connection with Your Higher Self

Here are just some of the many gifts that begin to unfold when you align more with your higher self:

  • A higher sense of intuition - Your intuitive abilities deepen greatly when you tap into your higher self. You'll start receiving clear guidance about which choices to make.

  • Greater self-knowledge and fulfillment - You'll gain a deeper understanding of your true nature, what you're here to do, and how to live in alignment with your highest values.

  • Insight into difficulties - You can get clarity on why certain situations or relationships are challenging for you, and receive inner guidance to heal them.

  • Abilities to heal - Both physical and emotional healing capacities are awakened. You'll know just what you need to come into greater states of health and wholeness.

  • Unconditional love and compassion - By knowing your shared divine connection to all beings, you more easily feel universal love and compassion.

  • Inner and outer abundance - As you realize the universe truly supports you, your highest intentions begin to more easily manifest around you.

The more aligned you are with your higher self, the more inspired, peaceful, empowered and purposeful life becomes. You come into sync with the deeper rhythms and flow of life.

Why Try Higher Self Meditation?

In my 5 years of performing hypnosis, I've discovered that meditation provides the perfect gateway for communing with your higher self. During meditation, you quiet your busy ego-mind and go within. This makes space for the "still, small voice" of your higher self to come through.

Without taking this focused time to connect inwardly, it's easy for your lower self - your small mind - to take over. You can get caught up in endless thinking, worrying, planning, and reacting. Meditation helps transcend the chatter of the lower self, so you can tune into wisdom of your higher self.

There are many meditation and affirmation techniques for connecting with your higher self. We'll outline some of the most effective ones below. With regular practice, you'll get better and better at accessing this profound part of your being.

meditation to meet your higher self

Effective Meditation Methods to Connect with Your Higher Self

1. Guided Higher Self Meditations

One of the easiest ways to get acquainted with your higher self is through guided meditations. There are many higher self meditations available through apps like Insight Timer and YouTube channels.

These meditations verbally guide you to visualize meeting and communing with your higher self. Your higher self usually appears as a wise being of light who shares insights with you. This being can take whatever form resonates most with you - a wise old sage, powerful goddess, mystic teacher, or even your best self.

The verbal guidance helps direct your attention within and makes the inner experience very vivid. You can ask your higher self pressing questions and receive inner guidance. With practice, this becomes easier to do on your own in silent meditation.

2. Inner Wisdom Meditations

Another simple yet powerful approach is to spend your meditation time focused on asking your higher self for specific guidance. You first quiet your mind through breath awareness. Then pose a question and listen inwardly for the answers that arise.

Make sure to ask open-ended rather than yes/no questions. For example:

  • What do I need to know about this situation?

  • What are the next steps for more fulfillment in my career?

  • How can I improve my relationship with my partner?

Pay close attention to any images, words, memories or sensations that arise. Your higher self will communicate through your intuition. Take time after the meditation to fully receive the inner wisdom before rushing onto other tasks. 

3. Visualization Meditations

Creative visualization during meditation also helps you align with your higher self. Spend time imagining how your higher self would handle challenges, interact with others, or realize dreams. Make the visualizations as vivid as possible.

For example, you can visualize yourself effortlessly radiating love during difficult interactions or picture your future self living your purpose and utilizing your highest skills. How does your higher self behave differently? What principles guide it?

Focusing repeatedly on bringing more of your higher self into situations will integrate these qualities at deeper levels. Change in the inner world precipitates change in the outer.

4. Mantra Meditations

Mantras are short sacred phrases with spiritual power that you repeat silently. Mantras help cut through all the inner chatter of the ego-mind and take you into presence. From that space of presence, you can get into flow with intuitive insights from your higher self.

Some empowering mantras are:

  • I am guided

  • I am peaceful

  • I am wise

  • I am whole

You can also create your own mantras related to the qualities you want to invite in. Repeating these regularly shifts your energy and consciousness into alignment with your higher self.

best higher self meditation

5. Breath Awareness Meditation

A simple yet profoundly centering practice is to meditate with your full attention on the breath. Follow each inhale and exhale, going fully into the sensations. This anchors your awareness from busy thoughts into the wisdom of the present moment.

From this space of deep presence, you create the meditative conditions to hear the soft inner voice of intuitive knowing. Your higher self can come through more easily. You may not get wildly vivid guidance, but often just a subtle inner Knowing about what feels right in the moment. Follow those subtle clues.

6. Loving-Kindness Meditation

One of the core qualities of your higher self is boundless love and goodwill for all. By cultivating these states in meditation, you create greater alignment with your higher self.

Loving-kindness meditation involves sending silent blessings and well wishes first to yourself, then outwards to others. This dissolves critical or hateful ego states which obstruct your higher self connection. Radiating love and compassion opens you to guidance for your and others' highest good. This can be incorporated with self-acceptance through mindfulness meditation.

7. Hypnosis for Spiritual Awakening Meditation

Hypnosis meditations are a powerful way to reprogram your subconscious mind to align with higher states of being. These meditations use visualization, guided imagery, and hypnotic suggestion to instill new beliefs and patterns on a deep level.

There are many hypnosis meditations available that are designed to activate spiritual awakening and connection to your higher self. Some common themes include:

  • Activating your lightbody for higher vibrational states

  • Awakening psychic abilities like clairvoyance

  • Connecting you with your spirit guides

  • Expanding your energy field

  • Strengthening your intuition and inner knowing

  • Anchoring higher dimensional frequencies

When listening to hypnosis for spiritual awakening meditations, make sure to enter a relaxed Theta brainwave state. This allows the affirmations and suggestions to penetrate your subconscious. Visualize and feel the shifts happening within you.

With consistent listening, you'll notice permanent changes in your energy, awareness, and sense of connection. Your outer life will transform as your inner world comes into alignment with higher spiritual truth.

Expert custom hypnosis recordings can rapidly accelerate personal growth that might take years through other means. It instills new subconscious patterns of being open to spiritual energies normally beyond conscious control.

If you truly commit to awakening, try adding hypnosis meditations into your practice. You'll unlock your highest potentials and attract profound mystical experiences into your life. The path of the heart and your true soul calling will unfold before you.

Integrating Your Higher Self Insights into Life

With consistency in your higher self meditation practice, you'll gain access to an enormous inner wellspring of inspiration, creative ideas, intuitive foresight and compassion. But it's equally important to integrate these qualities into tangible life changes.

Here are some tips for integrating higher self wisdom:

  • Keep a journal - Write down messages and ahas you receive during meditation. Re-read them later.

  • Share insights - Verbalize the guidance to help integrate it. You can share with friends or a therapist.

  • Take action - Put one insight into action, however small. This builds trust in acting on inner wisdom.

  • Make requests - Ask your higher self at the end of meditations to continue sending guidance. Then watch for it.

  • Learn mindful mindfulness - Stay present to intuition that arises throughout your day.

  • Give gratitude - Thank your higher self often for assisting you. This builds your connection.

When you diligently work to translate inner shifts into outward improvements, you'll begin to masterfully utilize your higher self connection. With time, you'll be guided by it continually.

best meditation for higher self

Experience the Magic of Your Higher Self

Accessing your higher self can seem difficult at first. But with regular meditation and intention, it will progressively become more tangible and familiar to you. As you directly experience more of your higher nature, your confidence in trusting it will grow exponentially.

Keep in mind there's no set timeline for building a higher self connection. Be patient with yourself. Sometimes just when you least expect it, you'll suddenly be gifted with a profound insight or inspiration. Such moments confirm the reality of guidance from your inner wise one.

Key Takeaways: Meet Your Higher Self Meditation

Key Takeaways


What is Your Higher Self?

Your higher self is your soul essence - the wise, divine part of you concerned with purpose and spiritual growth.

Benefits of Connecting

Intuition, self-knowledge, healing abilities, unconditional love and compassion, inner and outer abundance.

Meditation Methods

Guided meditations, inner wisdom, visualization, mantras, breath awareness, loving-kindness, and hypnosis.

Ask Open-Ended Questions

Ask “what” and “how” vs. yes/no questions to get detailed guidance.

Mindful Integration

Journal insights, verbalize them, take action, make requests, and stay mindful.

Trust the Process

Be patient and keep practicing. Unexpected moments of insight will come.

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