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Feel Your Inner Power Awaken Through Hypnosis for Power and Influence


Do you want to unlock your deepest inner power and positively influence those around you? This powerful 20-minute hypnosis session guides you into a deeply relaxed state where you can embrace your inner authority. 


Feedback for this recording -



"I have been listening to this for about a week and I usually listen to it twice and sometimes one of his other meditations. This has helped me so much. I am going to sing this afternoon and I don’t want to be nervous! Thank you Thank you Thank you!"



"Another amazing hypnosis! Thank you so very much!"



"It Works! I feel more powerful and influential after this!! I feel more confident in my abilities and myself to make things happen!"



The soothing voice leads you on a journey within where you will discover your greatest strengths. Imagine stepping into the shoes of your most admired role models and borrowing their best traits. Feel their confidence course through you, lighting your inner fire.  


This recording removes energetic cords that bind you. Break free of constraints and reclaim your personal power. Healing vibrations dissolve doubts, renew your vitality, and open you to new potentials.


As you listen, your mind opens to accept empowering suggestions. Absorb the wisdom that your power comes from within. No one can take this birthright from you without your consent. You control your inner domain.


Visualize growing your influence steadily like a seed sprouting. Know that by reconnecting to your core strengths, you plant the seeds for future success. See yourself moving through the world with purpose as your natural magnetism expands.


With regular listening, expect to notice positive changes. Feel tensions dissolving as you stop giving your power away. Enjoy satisfying emotions, improved health, and gratifying relationships. Listen anytime you need an empowering reset.


Created by a Ty Evind, this influential hypnosis download has benefits:


  • - Safely enters the subconscious mind to drive change
  • - Deepens awareness of inner power and potential
  • - Inspires confidence, determination, and boldness    
  • - Improves focus and decision-making abilities
  • - Releases unhealthy attachments that drain energy
  • - Sharpens influence skills for work and relationships
  • - Promotes owning strengths instead of seeking validation


Silence mind chatter and connect with your core essence through this powerful hypnotic process. Let the soothing music and voice dissolve stress.


Experience rising above limitations into expansive possibility. Feel the excitement of channeling your inner authority to create the life you deserve.


Trust that your deeper wisdom knows exactly what suggestions you most need to hear. Surrender and allow your subconscious to integrate truths that empower and guide you forward. 


Emerge energized, centered, and ready to share your gifts. Move through the world with magnetism and gracefully influence outcomes. Discover the leader within and unlock your highest potential now.

Hypnosis for Power and to Influence People

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