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Experience a Deep Spiritual Awakening with this Transformational Self Hypnosis Meditation


Do you feel called to connect more deeply with your higher self and awaken spiritually? This powerful hypnotic meditation guides you into a peaceful, relaxed state where you can commune with your deeper wisdom. 


The soothing words invite you to become aware of your body and breathing, releasing tension and settling into profound relaxation. As your conscious mind relaxes, your subconscious becomes open and receptive to positive change. 


A violet flame is visualized, representing spiritual transformation. The violet light fills you with warmth and dissolves old, limiting beliefs and patterns. Negative thoughts and behaviors are released effortlessly into the flame to be transmuted. You feel lighter and unbound, freed from the weight of past conditioning.


With barriers dissolved, your intuition is heightened. You find yourself able to understand and integrate spiritual insights more easily. Inner knowledge arises spontaneously, and you awaken to your true nature. 


This is a safe, gentle process that unfolds at your own pace. The hypnotic state allows you to access parts of yourself that usually lie outside conscious awareness. You're able to communicate with your higher self and develop a greater sense of who you really are.


Feedback for this recording -



"Thank you so much that was amazing & powerful!"



"Thank you, the awakening fire felt awesome!"



"Thank you for this."


The meditation concludes by bringing you back fully recharged, with a feeling of harmony and inner peace.


Regular practice with this recording develops your connection with your deeper wisdom. Over time, you experience life from a more awakened state, with compassion, joy and equanimity. 


Spiritual awakening encompasses a range of experiences and realizations. Here are some of the shifts that meditation practitioners often report:


- A deep sense of inner peace, contentment and living in the present moment
- Increased intuition, synchronicity and flow 
- Feeling interconnected with all of life
- Greater empathy, tolerance and love for others 
- Insights into the nature of consciousness and reality  
- Knowing your true self beyond your personal identity
- Discovering your higher purpose or destiny


Awakening expands your perspective and brings more meaning to your human experience.  With spirit as your guide, you're able to move through life's difficulties with grace. Each challenge becomes an opportunity for growth. 


When you're ready, this hypnotic meditation can catalyze your spiritual unfolding. The violet flame ignites self-realization gently but powerfully. 


You'll feel more in tune with the universe and your unique role in it. As you awaken, you become a source of light, elevating the collective consciousness.


Here are some tips to get the most from your spiritual awakening meditation:


  •  Listen in a quiet space where you can relax completely undisturbed 
  •  Use headphones to focus your attention on the hypnotist's voice
  •  Allow the imagery and suggestions to evoke feelings and inner senses
  •  Remain open to new understandings and don't overanalyze the content
  •  Repeat the session as needed to go deeper each time
  •  Keep notes of insights and changes you notice afterward
  •  Integrate spiritual principles into your daily attitudes and behaviors
  •  Look for signs of awakening such as vibrancy, tranquility, intuition
  •  Stay grounded in your body to avoid over-identifying with the shift in consciousness
  •  Share your experiences with positive friends and communities for support 


This life-changing journey requires courage, self-honesty and the willingness to let go of outmoded ways of thinking and being. But the rewards are immense. 


As your consciousness expands, you experience more beauty, joy and serenity. Your sensitivities increase, along with your capacity to give and receive love. You come home to your true nature as formless, timeless awareness. 


Yet this realization doesn't remove you from the world - it allows you to fully embrace your humanity. With meditative practice, spiritual truths become lived experience. 


Awaken your highest potentials by immersing yourself in this transformational hypnotic journey. Let the violet flame kindle the light within you. Expand your consciousness to become an awakened force for the greatest good.

Self-Hypnosis Spiritual Awakening Meditation

$33.00 Regular Price
$23.10Sale Price
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